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High Stakes Publishing

High Stakes is part of Oldcastle Books Ltd group who have published gambling related books since the late eighties and also publish Crime Fiction under the No Exit Press imprint and small 96pp reference guides to a variety of subjects (principally film related) under the Pocket Essentials imprint.

We were often asked to obtain other gambling books and when the loft at the original offices of Oldcastle Books began to creak with the weight of books stored there, we opened the retail outlet in Great Ormond Street in November 1998. The present manager is Malcolm Boyle who is also Sporting Life's placepot expert.

In the Spring of 2002, High Stakes Publishing was formed to significantly increase our publishing output of UK orientated gambling books to overcome the woeful lack of UK based gambling material.

Some of the general betting books available from High Stakes.

Book picture 1001 Great Gambling Tips by Graham Sharpe

Graham Sharpe has recruited some of the great and good of the gambling world to divulge their favourite betting suggestions, hints, tips, and strategies. Professional punter Dave Nevison reveals many tricks of his trade; Derek McGovern, self-styled betting guru of the Daily Mirror, speaks out in his usual flamboyant style; Jeremy Chapman, acknowledged master of golf betting tees up tips to lower your golf betting handicap; Tournament-winning poker pro, Julian Thew turns over a winning hand of hints; experts from the worlds of exchanges and spread betting give invaluable insights into the game; Top Tipsters like Dave Mitchell of The Mirror, Rolf Johnston of the Express, Tony Lewis of The Star and many others regale you with fascinating tactics designed to help improve the profitability of your betting. Sharpe also tracks down the best punting pointers, delving into the darkest corners, nooks and crannies of gambling lore in the process. Whether you are into racing, dogs, sports betting, exchanges, spread betting, poker or any other type of gambling opportunity, you'll find plenty in this unique book to benefit and enhance your own style of betting.

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Book picture Improve Your Betting - SmarterSig by Mark Littlewood is a monthly online magazine and betting community dedicated to research into profitable sports betting strategies and while mainly based around horse racing other areas of betting are also looked at. The community is a continuation of the SmartSig group established in 1994 and re-launched in 2007. Within the group are many levels and areas of expertise and whether you are a novice punter, experienced professional bettor or budding journalist you will find members, articles and tools that will greatly assist in moving your betting forward to a more profitable level.

Topics covered within Improve Your Betting range from horse form analysis through to coverage of modern data modelling and analysis methods such as Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms as well as methods for using Statistical data in Football Match forecasting.

Contributors include Mark Littlewood (Editor), Mark Foley, John F Jackson, Alun Owen, Alan Potts, David Renham and Alex Yutlle

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Book picture Gambling Wizards by Richard Munchkin

Can you imagine betting a million dollars on a single football game or winning seven million on a single horse race? Can you even fathom what it would be like to be the resident backgammon player at the Playboy Mansion or to win the World Series of Poker ... twice? How would you react if a gun-wielding casino owner demanded back the money that you won playing blackjack in his casino? It's all in a day's work for the eight gamblers in this book. It isn't luck. Collectively, they've won hundreds of millions of dollars playing the games most people consider unbeatable. Discover what it really takes to become a master gambler. Gambling Wizards delves deeply into the lives and minds of some of the most successful professional gamblers of all time

Check out the general betting section of High Stakes gambling bookshop

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