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Since time in memoriam, punters have been searching for a magical system for betting on horse racing that will provide the key to untold wealth. In truth, unless you are Derren Brown, it is unlikely that such a system exists; the sequence of winning and losing in horse racing is so completely unpredictable that it is impossible for any betting system to be completely watertight. Nevertheless, many punters feel happier if they have some kind of betting system, or staking plan, to orchestrate their betting patterns.

The simplest form of betting "system" is level stakes betting. This isn`t a system, per se and just means the same stake - whether it be 1, 10, or 100 - is placed on each selection, regardless of its odds. The advantage of this approach is that it allows punters to estimate their likely outlay ahead of time, but, by the same token, it does not allow for flexibility if a selection is, say, strongly fancied, or a longshot.

There are also many themes and variations on increasing stakes betting systems - pyramid stakes and so-called "coup" stakes systems are examples of this type of system - where stakes are increased after a winner, or maybe even after a loser, until a profit is achieved. These systems inevitably rely on a winner at the end of a sequence of progressively rising stakes and are fraught with danger for the punter, whatever their purveyors may tell you.

There are also systems which revolve around the record of a jockey when he, or she, rides for a particular trainer, or the performance of a trainer at a particular racecourse, or in a particular month of the year. These systems can be profitable, but require access to and analysis of, the appropriate statistics - unless this is done by the originator of the system, who will probably charge for it - and may not be suitable for everyday punters.

Rating, or private handicapping, systems are also available free of charge, or for a fee, on the Internet and in racing publications. These systems assign a numerical rating to each horse in a race, based on its past performance, to indicate its chances relative to the other runners. It is possible for such systems to provide a regular supply of good-priced winners, but, like any system, they are worth trialling on paper before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Another betting system, of sorts, relies on the horse racing tips given by tipsters in national and regional newspapers. Each tipster usually gives many selections each day, but typically includes a "nap" selection, which is his, or her, best bet of the day. The system works on the premise that tipsters often tip winners in groups - perhaps because they work harder to find winning selections if they are already on a run of success - so, if a tipster has a winning nap, you back his, or her, nap selection the following day and so on.






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